My work focuses on Galaxy Formation and Evolution from an observational point of view using large astronomical surveys over a very wide wavelength range.


The ultimate aim of my research is to understand how and why the properties of galaxies have changed across the history of the Universe. During the last few years, I developed expertise in the fascinating and hot topic of machine learning and  I am pioneering the use of Deep Learning techniques in astronomy.

Improving Galaxy Morphologies for SDSS and DES with Deep Learning
Centre for Computational Astrophysics  (New York)
Stellar population gradients of Elliptical galaxies as revealed by MaNGA
Ensenada (Mexico)



Deep Learning

Domínguez Sánchez et al. 2018

MaNGA survey

Domínguez Sánchez, Bernardi et al. 2019

Quiescent Galaxies

Domínguez Sánchez et al. 2016

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